Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

Many people are saying that photography is easy but I beg to disagree. It is even harder the writing an essay or making a computer program. It is not just pointing the camera and pressing the button, the difficult part is to get the photo that matches how you visualize it.

To master the art of photography, you must be able to undergo hundreds if not thousands of photos. However, the results are rewarding. It is highly  recommended for everyone to try as a hobby. If you are new to photography here are a few points the you should learn first before embarking on your photography journey.

Photography Must Learn


The Exposure Triangle

Many new photographers believe that good photos are done by the cameras; they do not know that behind a beautiful photo is the magic of light. Photography is all about capturing and manipulating light. A poor-lit subject will not look good no matter high expensive your camera is because in photography light is everything.

There are three factors that affect the quality of the image. The aperture, which is the size of the lens opening, which is in the form of /2, f/5, f/11, this number, is inversely proportional to the aperture opening. In effect the wider the aperture, the more it can accommodate the light. The depth of field is also affected by the aperture.

Next is the shutter speed, to have more light into your camera, your shutter must be slow. Shutter speed also affects the sensitivity to motion. The ISO, on the other hand, pertains to the sensitivity of the sensor to light.

The exposure triangle is a very big subject. The trick is to master all three for you to be able to get the perfect photo that you want.

The Rule of Thirds

What is the difference between a photo taken by an amateur and the  professional? The answer is in the composition, which is the soul of the photograph. It is the arrangement of every element in the photo. Once you have mastery of the art of composition, your every photo will have a great photo out of any subject, circumstance or location.

The most effective rule to apply is the rule of thirds. To do this you have to divide the image mentally into three using vertical line and into two using the  horizontal line. Then your subject places the subject in any of the four intersections.

Changing your Perspective

A boring photo is the ones that shot at eye level. It will not stand out because we are looking at everything at an eye level. To make your photo unique you have to shoot from a different vantage. You can achieve this changing your elevation by getting closer to the ground or standing on something. You can also change your angle or change your distance. Better yet, try a combination of the three.

There are other things that contribute to a perfect photo of post-processing and your camera. All these are important to know if you want to learn about photography.