Marathon Training Plan (How to Go From Zero to Marathon)

Marathon runners always enchant us with their level of fitness and activeness. Hence we start wondering to participate in a Marathon ourselves. But the idea of covering such long distances without breaks, as we do in a marathon, at times, horrifies us. Nevertheless, moving up to the things at a slower, gradual and continuous pace will eventually help us in the long run.

How to Go From Zero to Marathon


Many of you might be in doubt that you will require one or more years to become fit for participating in a marathon. But, you can achieve your goal in a much lesser time as well only if you wish to do. Here are the key factors that help you accomplish your targets.

  1. Marathon Training Plan

The key to being a successful player is appropriate training. You can train yourself in duration anywhere from one year to five years by experts. It all depends on how stiff  your body is, and how long you would take to complete the training. If this is your first time and you take up speedy training, you are only putting your body at the risk of injuries. So, go slowly but steadily to make it a habit for your body.

  1. Diet

A healthy diet constitutes an essential part of your training plan. Taking too many carbs or junk foods will only make you lazy and feeble. Try including more nutritious foods in your meals. Avoid processed foods or added sugars that could affect your metabolism. If your body is getting adequate resources, you will
eventually lose your energy for work out. The result will be yourself backing
off from the training.

  1. A Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

You might be astonished about why I start mentioning about the shoes right after diet. Well, having perfectly fitting runner shoes is as important for a marathon runner, as it is to have good meals. Poorly fitted shoes only increase the chances of your feet being injured. So we recommend you to buy a perfect pair of running shoes – see here – and start wearing it on your training sessions to make your feet habitual and comfortable.

  1. Constant Motivation

Like for any other goals of your life, the marathon is also something that can only be achieved with your continuous motivation. After you take a decision, you will come across many instances where you don’t feel like working. No worries. You might be bored as a human. But keep yourself motivated throughout. That’s the key driving force you need.

5. Accountability

If you are setting up yourself all alone, you might become a bit careless or lazy to meet your daily goals. It is a human instinct to work hard when answerable to someone. So, try involving some others to monitor your activities. You will end up yourself being working hard unknowingly.

Wrapping It Up

Many people who attempt to participate in a marathon aren’t aware of how to do it in the best way. They just start off with any training plans and end up injuring themselves. That’s why we thought to gather the few means by which you can get qualified for a marathon painlessly. We hope this article will eventually help you to reach your aims.

Why I play squash?

play squash

Squash is a sports game played by either two or four players in a four-walled court with a small elastic ball which is stroked using a racket, and the players keep on alternating when the game is in progress. This game is very interesting. It was first played in England in a school known as Harrow ( ). By the 1950s the game became known all over the world. The game also has flamboyant appeal and some rotations.


The game has its rules which include; the game can only be played by an at least two players and a maximum of player in some extraordinary cases, and it only earns the player eleven points. The player should take shots in hitting the ball alongside the forward-facing wall. The player who fails to hit or hits the outline wall and drops the instead is well thought-out to have failed, and the opponent scores an extra point for his failure. Additionally, a player wins if at all is ahead of the other player by only two points and a draw is not considered as winning since it is hard to determine the champion in such a case. When the ball hits the front line, it is the allowed to rebound on the playing ground before a player re-strikes it. The players are allowed to move about, but again the abstraction of the opponent’s movement is strictly not allowed. When a player hits the ball on the front line perfectly, he then returns to the center of the court.  ( )


Usually, in every game the safety guideline which gives a parameter to the players. The players should be good health and when they are playing they should not at risk of injuring themselves or their opponent player. They should make a habit of going to the medical facilities for checkups such as heart checkup so as to make sure they are capable of participating the squash game and so as to avoid cases of a heart attack when they are on the court playing the game. They should use protective squash goggles ( ) when playing to avoid eye injuries in case the ball accidentally bounces into their eyes. The player should always take enough and nutritious food to keep energetic, and by this, the player avoids a case of collapsing when playing the game since squash is a very high-intensity game. Also, the squash player should be physically fit so avoiding muscle cramps and bone fractures in case of an accident. Like in football the player should always warm up before starting to participate in the game. And lastly, if you have never played in this game make sure that you do not over exert.


Squash game is an interesting sport, apart from just winning, by merely participating in the game the player stays fit, meets many people from different races and they also have an added advantage of traveling throughout the world. Therefore it should be embraced.