My Experience With Buying a Family Car

I remember when I was looking for my first family car. I have three kids, so I always had car space problems whenever we would go out on a trip. Buying a new car is a major decision for any family. So looking for the best 8 passenger SUV was very tedious for me. I would search the Internet looking for the best one, trying to balance the practicality and overall usability of each car.

I love my truck but with my growing children, weekend sports, monthly family trips and other factors are putting me and the load-hauling abilities under pressure. There was just not enough room for everything anymore.

I was browsing online when I came across the Chevrolet Suburban, it was love at first sight. In my opinion, it is simply the best 8 passenger SUV. I didn’t take any second thoughts and two weeks later my kids were comfortable hanging in the back seat while my wife and I try to figure out where the best route to our destination was All our equipment and bags were safely stored in the back, everything fit perfectly.

Depending on your personal configuration, the 2017 Chevy Suburban can fit between seven or nine people. The factory configuration has front bucket seats with second and third row bench seats to fit eight people. A front bench seat can give you room for an extra person which I find very convenient. But, no matter which seat your family choose to sit in, they’ll find plenty of room in the Suburban.

That was just the seats, there are other interior features in the car. I used to find it really hard to convince my teenager to come with us on our long trips when we were using my truck. But since my new Chevrolet suburban has a Wi-Fi hot spot, I don’t need to convince him anymore. There are five USB ports a six-speaker audio system when you want to plug in your tunes. If your alone however and you just want to listen to the radio there’s also an HD and satellite radio you can use, What I find very useful are the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

Teaching my teen how to drive on my truck very difficult. The Chevrolet Suburban has a teen driver system, a rearview camera, and rear parking sensors which made it very easy to teach him the basics of driving.

I have to say that buying this car was the best decision lye made in a long time in terms of practicality and reliability. The Chevrolet Suburban is by far the best 8 passenger SUV in the market.